Are you still relevant for the next generation of consumers, employees and citizens?​

Engage with young changemakers

Listen, co-create and collaborate with Generation Z to drive your purpose

How can we live up to our purpose?

How should next generations' products and services look like?​

How can we attract and keep young potential?

How do we foster the future talent we need?​

Join the YCM Lab

  What is a changemaker? Someone that sees themselves as capable of creating large-scale change.

Our YCM Lab empowers young changemakers challenges. It is a bridge that connects businesses with Gen Zers, allowing companies not only to understand the young generation better, but also to engage with them to tackle their business challenges from a refreshing perspective, attract and retain new talents, and drive their purpose.

A global community

Young ambassadors

Generation Z


say they will accept a lower salary (on average 20% lower) to work for a purpose-driven company


think it is very or extremely important to buy from brands that protect and preserve the environment


expect to leave their current job in the next two years


say they are very or extremely likely to start their own business someday

How can you engage with young changemakers through the YCM Lab?


YCM Dialogue Groups

  • Find out how Gen Zers think
  • Understand their habits and needs
  • Let them challenge your purpose


[Company] Youth Innovation Challenge

  • Get fresh perspectives on a business challenge
  • Co-design solutions for Gen Z


Start up incubation, mentoring, hiring

  • Attract talents to your business
  • Build long term relationships

YCM Challenge

Our global flagship where young changemakers from over 30 countries tackle big issues they care for. Find out more on the dedicated webpage. International companies are invited to the conversation as mentors, experts and  enablers.

[Company] Youth Innovation Challenge

I It is an intensive hackathon-type format where  young people with a fresh perspective on the given challenge explore and  identify the needs of the users or problem owners  in a variety of areas (health, finance, digital, lifestyle…) following a full design thinking cycle. The company or organization providing the challenge acts as observer and final jury of the proposals.

VR sensitization workshops to raise awareness and promote early diagnosis
A system to mark perishable food in braille for more autonomy for the blind
App to engage with young people providing specialized services

[Company] Youth Dialogue Group

Taps into our global youth community to provide insights, trends and feedback on any issue. They are mostly online to simultaneously reach youth from all over the world. Companies can remain anonymous observers or actively participate, for instance inviting youth to challenge their purpose or strategy.

Global Youth Dialogue Group on environmental issues and solutions during the YCM Challenge 2021

Online diaries in various countries to learn about youth (social) media habits and opportunities for a media group
Global Youth Dialogue Group on future of School, during the (re)School Sprint 2022

What makes the YCM Lab unique?

Global network

of the most motivated and engaged changemakers on 5 continents


between company employees
and youth

Tangible results

in form of implemented projects, new hires and new skills

Online platform

to collaborate smoothly
from anywhere

Collaborative online platform

Members profiles

to reach out to likeminded youth

Discussion groups

to exchange ideas and good practice

Teamwork spaces

to collaborate on joint initiatives across borders

Tools and resources

to learn how to tackle impact innovation challenges

Mentors profiles

to get guidance from experienced social entrepreneurs, managers, experts…


to regularly gather with the rest of the community

What's in it for you?

Digital perspective

Design a breakthrough digital experience from the perspective of digital/mobile natives

New user insights

Imagine new products or experiences
from young customers perspective

Employee motivation

Involve, motivate and train
your employees

New talent

Attract and test young talent
in a first joint project


Engage with a community
of young entrepreneurs


Show your company’s commitment
to a better world