Traditional media in the XXI Century

How to reinvent magazines into successful products adapted to our times?

An international media group, leader in magazine sales in several countries, was facing slow but constant volume erosion.

First, we established a sound and in-depth perspective of evolving customer media behaviours and expectations through a combination of online diaires and empathic in-home interviews, uncovering a number of deep shifts such as the rising importance of peer leaders and the need for curation.

This became the basis for a series of workshops involving all functions of the company: editorial, marketing, advertising, digital, etc. New concepts (digital, analog or a combination of both) were developed around notions like “reinventing rituals” or “personalised magazines”. After a first evaluation, concepts were further refined in co-creation sessions with readers and advertisers, before launching a series of live tests in several areas which successfully inverted the trend for some of the leading brands.