creator street

How can students work in teams to create and star their own comic?

In groups of 3 or 4, students are guided through the process of creating a story that they will animate as a comic. First, they choose among Creator Street costumes or bring their own. Once grouped in teams, they will have to be creative to choose their characters and set the plot. After that, Creator Street facilitators check that the storyline is ready to be played out and guides them to an open space within the school.

It’s photo time! In turns, they will act the story and take pictures so that they all collaborate to the final creation. In a short period of time, their creative skills are stretched: they have to transform their surroundings into imaginary places, play it out and take pictures of the scenes. Last step is adding dialogs to the comic, bubbles and other effects and… it’s ready to be presented to the rest of the class!