See art from a children’s perspective

How can we show modern and contemporary art in a new light and make it accessible to all ages?

Our client, a foundation owning a large and diverse collection of modern and contemporary art, wanted to organise an exhibition especially targeted at families.

Together with the client and our partner for this project, UpSocial, we developed a unique approach to this challenge: children would become the curators of the exhibition content! To achieve this, we first collected examples of art exhibitions for children around the world, realising how rarely children themselves were actually involved in their conception.

Then we invited the pupils of 5 primary school classes to go through a process of curation of the exhibition: the children selected the artwork they liked best or found most intriguing, provided an interpretation through their own eyes and then made proposals of association of art works under different themes. Finally, they made creative proposals for how to display the art pieces and create engaging activities for children, parents or any other visitor to interact with the art.

Based on the children’s curative hand, the exhibition is now under construction, ready to open to the public in February 2016.