Reinvent the credit card: a card for all your projects

How to move from a transactional product to a customer relationship?

A leading bank needed to re-launch its credit card offer in France in order to to retain current clients and acquire new ones by becoming the consumer’s “second card” next to the bank debit card. We went out to understand different segments’ deeper motivations and needs concerning purchases and money in general, budgeting for important projects, use of payment cards and credit, as well as pain points and barriers all along the purchase journey.

Collaboratively with a broad cross-functional client team we repositioned the card to differentiate it from revolving credit, and created services providing customers with more flexible payment solutions, a more coherent loyalty plan, better visibility of their spending and applications to help them save while they consume.

This new offer and related services support our client’s goal to encourage customers to be more responsible users of credit.