Make brand differentiation tangible: branded moments

How can we create special moments throughout the customer’s brand experience?

Telecom operators lack differentiation which results in a high churn rate; customers are constantly jumping between brands, influenced by the current best offer. Our client’s goal was to find opportunities for positive brand experience differentiation.

For the project, we mobilized a large, cross-functional team covering all customer touchpoints (retail stores, customer service, web, etc.) to ideate opportunities to create “moments of delight” for customers. In co-creation workshops with customers, we prioritized and co-designed the journeys for winning concepts.

As a result, it became clear that our client needed to look for ways to exceed the industry standard while staying within the scope of their service delivery. Telecoms must find touchpoints to deliver more than just the “deal”, and connect emotionally with the customer without becoming intrusive and unwelcomed.

Lippincott, El Giroscopi