Digital Experience Principles

How to create consistent and engaging digital touch services?

A global telecom group’s 200+ websites, services and apps in multiple countries was victim of an inconsistent digital experience, resulting in insufficient adoption and usage of the company’s digital services.

To address this issue, more than 50 internal stakeholders from multiple areas (digital, mobile, design & usability, product management, Brand, etc.) set out on a journey to define clear, group level branded digital experience principles.

On one side, we explored the customer perspective – what are the pain points, what would make current experiences smoother and more engaging. On the other side, that is to say the business perspective – how can we stand out based on our brand values and capabilities. From there we have defined a set of draft principles. For instance, principle 1 became “Always Human”, to express the idea that any digital touch point should have a “human” tone and allow users to reach a real person when needed.

In pilot projects, such as a complete overhaul of the .com portal or the company’s main cloud service, principles where applied and refined, followed by a training and communication program to reach all people involved in decisions affecting the digital experience.