Creator Street

How can we teach students to think laterally and to solve problems creatively?

Based on many years of experience in the field of innovation, Creator Street has designed a unique approach for creative problem-solving and entrepreneurship adapted to every age group (primary and secondary students).

In these activities, students are invited to solve real life issues around them, in small teams. By observing and understanding their environment (e.g. home, school, friends), they will identify a problem, imagine a relevant solution and prototype it in a three-dimensional model to bring it to life and test how it works. Finally, they will learn how to use cutting-edge 3D printing and laser-cutting technology to manufacture their own inventions!
The possible outcomes of the projects can be multiple, depending on the topic and the children’s motivations: a crafted prototype (e.g. a secret box), a digitally produced & hand-painted object (e.g. a new kitchen tool), a mobile app, a local community improvement initiative (e.g. for better recycling), etc.