How can we provide online training on digital competencies for young people experiencing a digital gap?

As part of their new online training platform, Fundación Orange wanted to provide a digital competency training for young people living in vulnerable situations and experiencing a deep digital gap that limits their opportunities, both personally and professionally.

First, we carried out a field research study in 30 different entities that work with young people in these situations, consisting of online questionnaires, phone interviews, and visits to different centres, to understand the main needs and barriers regarding digital education, and map the key factors to design a successful solution. Thanks to our findings, we ideated a new model, competency and necessity-based rather than content-based, that would address the specific needs of young people in vulnerable situations and would provide the right tools for the entities’ professionals that wanted to work the digital competency in class.

With this model, we created an online course for young people, including support for professionals as well, that could be used both in an online scenario, but also as a flipped classroom tool, responsive and using tools like videos or questionnaires that can easily be used in a mobile phone, most of the time the only device available for young people in vulnerable situations.