What we do

New market spaces, product & services

Uncover hidden opportunities for meaningful innovation and growth, create, prototype and bring to market new businesses, products and services.

Design an end-to-end travel companion

Reinvent home computing

Redefine the territories of a culinary brand

Digital health

Change of paradigm in the watch retail sector

Traditional media in the XXI Century

Rethink customer value propositions and experience, new ways to interact with customers to strengthen relationship and enhance brands.

Advertising 2.0: reinvent formats for brand staging on media

Make brand differentiation tangible: branded moments

Reinvent the credit card: a card for all your projects

Digital Experience Principles

Workers mobility in water plants
See art from a children’s perspective

Customer-centric, resilient organizations

Transform your organization  towards a more  customer-centric approach through new methods, processes and culture.

Build an empathic, customer-centric innovation process

Diffuse a more customer-centric, forward looking marketing innovation culture

Mobilize management team around a shared vision