[Re]Learn Hackathon

Get inspired by the Festival, put your ideas into practice and showcase them with the community!

The [Re]Learn Hackathon is an online creative challenge taking place during the [Re]Learn Festival from Nov 9th to Nov 20th 2020, and is organised by Innova. Teams of educators, school leaders and education experts will be challenged  to prototype tools and instrumentalize good practices for school innovation, in order to empower school teams to shift towards a new learning paradigm.

Why the Hackathon?

By getting inspired from the numerous presentations and workshops about innovative practices that will take place during the festival, the hackathon will allow you to bring your ideas to life and to become an active contributor by developing tools to accelerate school innovation. 

How to Participate?

  • You just need to sign-up to the Relearn Festival 
  • Once you signed up you will be able to watch the introduction to the Hackathon on Monday 9 November 14:15 – 14:30 CET. 
  • Register for one of the two Hackathon Kick-off workshops on Tuesday 10 November 11:45 – 12:45 CET (Register here1) and Wednesday 11 November 17:30 – 18:30 CET (Register here2). Pick the workshop that best suits your schedule and register for the session – don’t wait as seats are limited!
  • Once you’ve registered for one of the Kick-off workshops, simply browse to the Zoom link that will be visible at the session time on the schedule of the [RE]LEARN event platform
  • In the Kick-off workshops, you will discover the detailed Hackathon challenges and be able to form teams with other participants

Methodology & Key Steps

Make sure to register for one of the kick-off session on Tuesday Nov 10th 11h45-12h45 CET OR Wednesday Nov 11th, by going on the Festival’s schedule here: relearn2020.sched.com. Registrations will be open from Nov 5th

Hackathon Topics

As schools and other learning communities start thinking about how to shift towards a new learning paradigm, they have to tackle numerous building blocks in order to achieve this, and manage the journey. In the (Re)Learn Hackathon, we want to challenge you to imagine concrete tools to help them achieve this.

What is a practical tool?

  • Help to assess, concretize, visualize, share, act upon and track the progress of the building blocks that make up the new learning paradigm in schools and learning communities.
  • They are digital to allow for broad collaboration – which can include using and repurposing existing online tools – but with the possibility to bring them into the offline world

How can we develop practical tools to help schools innovate
and transform towards a new learning paradigm?

Tools to shape vision & culture

How can you…
Envision and build the type of culture a learning community wants? 
Track the evolution of culture and vision?

Related to Learning Paradigm elements: Culture & Vision

Tools to design desired learning frameworks

How can you…
Define a desired learning model?
Design learning experiences based on this model? 

Related to Learning Paradigm elements: Learning culture, Learning Design

Tools to bridge digitalisation and learning​

How can you…
Connect digitalisation with concrete goals for learning experiences?
Optimize scarce resources to achieve optimal learning outcomes?

Related to Learning Paradigm elements: Digital Platforms, Learning culture

Tools for professional development of the learning community

How can you…
Identify the skill sets  required to make a new learning model possible?
Design programmes that can develop talent?

Related to Learning Paradigm elements: Growth programmes

Tools for creating whole school innovation

How can you…
Connect the key components for whole school innovation? 
Encourage all stakeholders to envision whole school innovation?
Reimagine the use of resources to support the desired transformation?

Related to Learning Paradigm elements: Research & Envisioning, Creative Resourcing

For inspiration for each of the topics, you can find inspiration in the elements of the Learning Paradigm: https://learnlife.com/alliance/learning-paradigm.   You only need to register if you want to read the details

Expected Deliverables

Video Submission

By November 18 23:59 (EST) each team is expected to create their own deliverable to showcase their process and their proposed solution. Teams are encouraged to upload their videos to a streaming platform  and make them public so that the judges can view them and make their decision. 

2-3 minute video which includes:

What's next after the Hackathon?

We are currently building an open source platform that will offer an innovation toolbox for schools – supporting them to become more agile and transform towards a new learning paradigm. The Hackathon is an opportunity to jumpstart this platform. We will invite selected projects to join the platform.

All Hackathon projects will be reviewed by a Jury composed by Thought Leaders and Change Leaders in education. Selected projects will be showcased in a live session with all (Re)Learn Festival participants on Friday, Nov 20th. After the festival, teams who want to continue bringing their idea to life will receive coaching for the following 3 to 6 months, based on their needs.

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Yes! Simply write down their names in the form when registering and you can work with the team of your choice in the topic that interests you.

You can either bring your own team of people you know or have just met at the (Re)Learn Festival, write down their names when filling out the form for registering to the Hackathon. We can also assign you a team of fellow participants that are interested in the same topic you are.

There are three options on how to work in the Hackathon: you can work by yourself on a selected topic (make sure you select this option when submitting the form after kick-off), you can bring your own team to the Hackathon and register them when filling out the form, or we will assign you a team of fellow participants of the Hackathon who are interested in the same topic you are.

There is no required minimum time investment, as long as you come up with a great idea and a tangible mock-up of it. From previous events of this kind we know that teams spend on average 8 to 15 hours in total, depending on their passion, time and possibility to share certain tasks within the team.
Given that most Festival’s session are recorded and available later, you shouldn’t miss anything!

By a Jury composed of Thought Leaders and Change Leaders that we will announce soon. Selected projects will be presented live at the Showcase on Friday, Nov 20th.

In case you can’t attend one of the live sessions, do register in any case, and you can view it in streaming at another moment.

The project must be submitted before November 18th 23:59 (EST). We will provide you with the upload information.

By default all Hacks are under a Creative Commons License. Creative Commons Licenses provide a standard way for content creators to grant someone else permission to use their work. A Creative Commons license is used when an author wants to give people the right to share, use, or build upon a work that they have created. 

Everything you develop, program and design during the (Re)Learn Hackahton is your property. The organizer and the companies that provide the challenges have no claim to your development.

When submitting your projects or uploading them to a video streaming platform we encourage you to add the following information: “This work is licensed under a Creative Commons CC-by-SA license: the creator was [you name] and it arose out of a Hackathon developed by Innova Partners. You may remix, improve and build upon the original work so long as you attribute the creators and their circumstance in your derivative work.”

Learn more about Creative Commons here