Innova Learning

Our purpose

Learning as an agent of change

At Innova we have a deep commitment for meaningful innovation with social impact, especially in education, as we believe it is one of the most powerful agents to drive change towards a better society.

Promoting lifelong learning experiences that provide better opportunities for all – We want to give every learner the gift of CREATIVE CONFIDENCE: the skills and confidence to pursue their dreams. 


Through our human-centred innovation approach, we empower learning communities to enable change from within and create meaningful learning

Our wide variety of projects have given us deep understanding and experience on how education impacts society and what is needed to transform learning for the challenges of the 21st century.

Beyond acting as catalysts for learning communities, we develop and implement direct new learning experiences. Some of our initiatives are featured below

what we do

Catalysts for learning innovation

At Innova Learning we apply participative, human-centre innovation methods in order to to

Reinvent school and learning communities

We empower schools and learning communities to reTHINK and reDO learning, and the supporting ecosystem 

Co-create life-shaping learning experiences

We co-design and facilitate life-shaping learning experiences inside and outside of formal education

Empower young changemakers

We orchestrate adventures for young minds to reveal their talent and solve real world challenges together with social and business stakeholders

Leverage digital for more impact

We develop new digital tools and formats to foster collaboration and learning innovation globally and locally

selected cases

Project-based learning as key driver for transforming the learning model

Bridging the digital gap through online training for learners and educators

Curating a museum with children to see art from their perspective

Digital empowerment for women in
vulnerable situations

Learning challenges in STEM, Big Data, Entrepreneurship and Critical Thinking

Unleashing creativity through and online Storytelling festival during the COVID 19 crisis


Our ongoing initiatives

Creator Street

Creator Street is our own creativity educational lab with programmes for K12 and university students, their families, teachers and other professionals, as well as non-formal learning communities. We co-create and deliver new learning experiences to nurture XXI century skills like creative problem solving, empathy, entrepreneurship, team work and resilience.

  • Direct intervention with students and families in and outside the school
  • Teacher training and coaching
  • Creation and redesign of school resources
Changemakers: How can we teach students to think laterally and to solve problems creatively?

Storytellers: How can students work in teams to create and star their own comic?

Digital Makers: How can we encourage students to use technology in a creative and productive way?

For more information, please visit: is a virtual hub for everyone who wants to change their school and learning through innovation: teachers, school management, students and school developers. Because we believe everyone can innovate if they are taught the right tools. And that is what offers throughout a whole journey- from the first thought to final implementation.

  • A toolkit for each phase of the school innovation journey
  • Diagnostic tools and surveys for assessing school needs
  • Bringing together innovators across schools

For more information, please visit:

YCM Lab & Challenge

Our Young Changemakers Lab fosters the creative confidence of young changemakers and unlock their entrepreneurial potential. For this, we launch challenges for young people to solve real world problems, in collaboration with companies and non-profit organisations. Our annual YCM Challenge connects young changemakers from all around the world to build community and tackle global challenges that matter to them.

  • Give young changemakers a voice in this world, and the means to take action
  • Full digital formats with the ability to mobilise a community of GenZers
  • From compact Hackathons to joint implementation projects

For more information, please visit:

our team

People behind Innova Learning

Till Jaspert

Till is founder of Innova Partners and catalyst for meaningful innovation at the cross-section of business and education. He believes every learner should develop the gift of creative confidence as a motor for purpose in life. 

He has accompanied numerous schools and universities across Europe to reinvent themselves in line with XXI century needs, and has designed and implemented life-shaping learning experiences for young people, such as He also is part of several non-profit EdTech initiatives, such as most recently, a platform to help schools accelerate innovation.

Ada Maymó

For her background as a designer, Ada has been surrounded by creativity since she started her career. She believes it is possible to create meaningful social impact in organisations and people through a human-centred design approach. She loves being part of the Innova team as here she has found a common ground for her two passions: design and education.

As a service designer of new learning experiences, she has worked in several education projects, creating new strategies and methodologies to improve learning experiences that promote lifelong learning among society. She has worked in projects targeting a wide variety of learners and topics: from creative and technological challenges with teens, to closing the gender gap through digital education for women living in vulnerable situations.

Laura Fres

BBA, MSc in Interdisciplinary Studies in Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability and experience in strategy & innovation consulting. Passionate about social innovation and environmental sustainability. She believes that innovating in education and lifelong learning are essential to transform and improve the way we understand and build our world.