We catalyze meaningful innovation

We catalyze
meaningful innovation

Innova Partners is a boutique firm specializing in customer-centric marketing and innovation.
We build bridges between businesses, organizations and social communities to create impact & positive change in society.


What we do

Get to know your customers in their context. Explore their motivations, desires latent needs, frustrations, with ethnographic methodologies, co-create new concepts, test & improve prototypes, fine-tune user journey. 

Uncover hidden opportunities for meaningful innovation and growth, create, prototype and bring to market new businesses, products and services.

Rethink customer value propositions and experience, new ways to interact with customers to strengthen relationship and enhance brands.

Transform your organization  towards a more  customer-centric approach through new methods, processes and culture.

our work

Selected cases

New market spaces
Design an end-to-end travel companion
The first creativity lab dedicated to Gen Z

Advertising 2.0: reinvent formats for brand staging on media

Our vision

Meaningful innovation leads to durable business value and a better society